To Lucy dik letter.研究


我是Daihung, I read your complain letter hai fruit newspaper lor. You see, I didn’t go to any Miss Hong Kong interviews, so I dun know what u talk about is true or not. You say d judges very not polite and not nice, but no pic no truth, I dun know if you’re pretty or not, may be you ho ugly, may be you ho naive ho stupid, rite? may be d judges really telling the true word.

Also, me think english jan hai really important when you want to be Miss Hong Kong lor. You see, you go international, meet different color people, they dun speak Cantonese ga ma, you need english hui communicate. If you dun know any english, you say so ma fan and embarrass? Ng tung find translator mei, ho fish ga ma. But you say you F7, I read your complain letter and I think your english is goodest ga. Grammer not total correct, some right some wrong, but at least you know dim hui express youself, which is good good. Of course, you can’t complete with people hai rich and high level ga la, they soak in salt water ga ma, must be better than local ginger.

Tell you know, I think you should keep try lor. I feel you has confidence in your letter lor, and I sure you that you will have second interview next year ga.

dun email me, even if u want.

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  1. dai hung, i feel you too old law. your english can’t compete with kong girl english la. you dou hai suen ba la

  2. Oh my god…..that is so funny, but I wonder how can she pass those open exam and got into F7, with these english level.

  3. I read your blog couple times, and this one is really funny!!! I was gonna leave a comments in your way but i just can’t do it right!! darn!!!

    anyway!! ho gou siu!! i thought english stand in hong kong for form 7 should be quite good ga ma… this is very surprising ah…

  4. [sic] You ng ho yao inch her la. She have been inched by several judge already in the Miss Hong Kong Interview ga la. If you salt water soaker inch the English level of a local ginger is one d duo ng fair law!

  5. 由「 young yao inch」、「 short yao inch」(後生又寸、矮又寸)看得出,其實港女或許誤用了Google Translate吧!

  6. 觉得很可能是有人故意恶搞,假冒落选面试人员去信苹果,逗大家一笑,或者帮着报纸炒新闻。那些落选者只是样丑兼英文不好,未必就是白痴

  7. hahaha….young yao inch, short yao inch
    and i learn …. ugly yao inch, pretty yao inch
    then tvb …. ho inch law ng bei me go to second interview
    in the end … hurt die all*3 XD ~

  8. I’m sorry to say that – this is totally totally “read diapers”.

    My condolences to her parents for having such an idiotic child.

    It’s really – sanng gau cha siu ho kwor sanng kui!!!

  9. @gwen, to tell you the truth, I’m not surprised with bad english, but I’m surprised that she has the guts to email appledaily in english!

  10. Laugh die me la. We not inching her. She vely good la. Start a new trend ma. Now we all speak like her la.

  11. O … how come she is dare to complain with such good good english ~~ well done … and for sure ..yr reply is good good too !!